Donate Supplies

Dental clinics consume large quantities of supplies. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Supplies & Equipment Needed:

    1. Fluoride Varnish – Each child receives a fluoride treatment
    2. Anesthetic – We need large amounts of anesthetic and can use anesthetic close to the expiration date
    3. Amalgam – Our clinics use large quantities of amalgam, which is always in short supply
    4. Composite Material – Etch and sealants for prevention
    5. Instruments:
      • Mirrors
      • Carvers
      • Explorers
      • Spoon excavators
      • Round burnishes
      • Condensers (small)
      • Surgical instruments (most common varieties only)
    6. Handpieces – slow and high speed
    7. Supplies – The project uses a wide variety of common supplies including:
      • Face Masks
      • Gloves (all sizes)
      • Gauze (2” x 2”)
      • Bibs
      • Bib clips
      • Dental floss
    8. Toothbrushes – Each child receives a new toothbrush, so please donate any brushes you have available. Our projects use 15,000 toothbrushes a year!

Please note: We are unable to accept donations of supplies that are past their expiration date.

For more information about how you can donate to Dental Helping Hands, contact Patrick Christopher, DDS, MD by EMAIL